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pomeranian training

Proper Pomeranian training is absolutely crucial and the sooner you can get
started, the better off you will be. Pomeranians are adorable dogs, but don’t
let their cuteness fool you! They need to be trained just like any other dog
since failing to do so can result in an unruly dog with various behavioral

Pomeranian training should be based around this dog’s specific breed
traits which we explore further throughout this website. The ideal time to train
your dog is when it is still a puppy which will ensure that a solid behavioral
groundwork is set and will ensure that you enjoy your new pet without added

As mentioned previously, the Pomeranian
is one that is both lively and willful. This means that they can
be a challenge to train, but not impossible at all. When it comes to Poms, it’s
all about establishing yourself as the leader of the household and providing a
gentle yet firm hand when training.

So let’s get started!

Essential Pomeranian Training –
The Puppy Edition

are generally stubborn and want to do things their way. Even though
you may think this is okay while they are young, it is essential to set clear
boundaries and guidelines for them to follow. As a matter of fact, if you do
this right, Poms are very happy to obey and are always ready to please their

Of course, the first type of training any dog should undergo once you
intend to keep them in your home is house training. Doing the do-do on the
carpet is definitely a no–no but remember that puppies don’t have a strong
ability to control their bladder and bowel movements.

Visit our Potty Training Puppies page to explore the different methods.

Whatever you do, don’t spank your puppy as this is not an effective
Pomeranian training method. As a matter of fact, it will make your puppy very
anxious and lead to other psychological problems. When potty training your Pom,
you need to be very consistent so that they make the connection between which
areas are good to go to the toilet and which ones are not.

Visit our Free Puppy Training Tips Page to learn more.

A Popular Pomeranian Training
Tool – Crate Training

Crate training is an excellent method to keep your puppy safe from the
dangers of your home or outside world as well as provide invaluable obedience
training. As a pet owner, you won’t always be able to keep an eye over your pet,
so using the crate is a great way to make sure that you have one less thing to
worry about.

If you crate train your puppy well, he or she will grow to love the
crate and will love spending time in it. It is essential that you never use the
crate to punish your puppy as they will associate loneliness and sadness with
it. When crate training, always do so in baby steps and make sure to use a lot
of praise, attention and treats to reinforce the behavior you desire.

Please read our crate training puppies page for complete details on how to do it right.

Popular Behavioral
Problems And Corrective Training

If your Pomeranian is displaying undesirable traits or behaviors that you
want to put a stop to, there are many Pomeranian training guides to help you do
so. We will now quickly overview some of the popular problems and what you can
do to address these issues.

Excessive Barking

Pomeranian dogs are well known to be a very noisy breed and one can wonder
how such a small thing can make so much noise! Even though some Pomeranian’s
display “yappiness” and may refuse to stop barking at the sound of the doorbell,
you can train them to stay quiet or only bark a few times and then stop. You can
achieve this by teaching them a few verbal commands such as “stop” or “quiet”
which will go a long way to making your household more peaceful.

Separation Anxiety – Is Your Pom Wreaking Havoc At Home When You’re Not

Separation anxiety occurs when a dog becomes too reliant or dependent on
their human owner for companionship. Thus, when the owner leaves for any amount
of time, the dog displays anxious behavior such as barking, chewing, digging,
crying, whining, howling and more.

The best way to treat this problem is to
prevent it in the first place by training your dog to understand that you can’t
be together all the time. Some ways of dealing with the situation include
providing extra toys, feeding him before you leave and hiding treats around the
yard for him to find when you’re gone.

Of course, the best method is obedience training where you teach your
Pomeranian that you are the alpha dog and he has to respect your authority to
leave the house when you desire. Check out our Certified Dog Trainers Page to find the right help for you.


Pomeranian training is a crucial aspect of owning a Pom and you should never
neglect it. Failure to do so can cause you many problems as the dog gets older
and can be quite destructive to your home and peace of mind. Once you do train
your Pomeranian, you will find that they are obedient, loving and forever loyal
to you and your family.

Share Your Training Tips, Secrets
And Recommendations

Share your training success stories with everyone. Or, if you have any questions about Pomeranian training, feel free to ask the community.

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