Pomeranian Diet – The Best And Worst Dog Food Ingredients

Pomeranian Diet
The Best and Worst Dog Food Ingredients

On this page we will discuss the Pomeranian diet, a very controversial topic
among Pom owners. After doing years of research on Pomeranian nutrition, we will
give our opinion on this subject.

First of all, let’s take a look at dog foods
on the market today. Dog food companies, as a whole, earn billions of dollars
each year selling their products. To be blunt, most of these dog foods contain
unhealthy ingredients that have the potential to make your Pomeranian sick,
diseased and/or age prematurely.

It is very disheartening to observe all the dog
foods being recalled from store shelves because of dogs becoming sick and dying
from these products.

Unhealthy Dog Food Ingredients

Wheat and Corn

Most dogs, including the Pomeranian breed, are allergic to wheat and corn. If
your Pom is always biting or scratching himself, check your dog foods ingredient
label to see if it contains corn or wheat. This very well could be the culprit.
By the way, corn could be listed as corn gluten meal and wheat as wheat gluten.

Pomeranian diet


The next unhealthy dog food ingredient which you may or may not have heard
about is “animal by-products”. Simply put, by-products are the leftovers from
slaughter houses which are unfit for human consumption. Some examples of animal
by-products would include: animal brains, sexual organs, chicken skull, chicken
feet and kidneys. These “parts” are grinded up and become the primary protein
source for most dog foods on the market today. Here’s a question for all the
Pomeranian owners out there. Do these by-products sound appetizing? Would you
want someone feeding you this stuff on a daily basis? If not, then why would you
feed this to your Pom?

Synthetic Preservatives And Artificial

Studies are currently being conducted that link certain types of disease and
cancer to synthetic preservatives and artificial colorings. You guessed it,
these two items are common staples found in many dog food brands. Synthetic
preservatives go by a few names including Ethoxyquin, BHA and BHT. Artificial
food colorings would be FD&C colors and caramel colors.

your Pomeranian diet consists of any or all of these ingredients; wheat, corn,
by-products, synthetic preservatives or artificial colorings, we would highly
recommend that you take a look at the healthy alternatives which we will discuss
in the following section.

Healthy Dog Food Ingredients

So what are your options for providing a safe, healthy and nutritious
Pomeranian diet? There are a couple to consider. Number one is to prepare and
cook your Pomeranian’s food yourself and number two is to go the holistic route
which we will discuss right now.

Holistic dog food companies manufacture top quality, premium products using
only human grade food sources. Instead of using by-products as their source of
protein, real meats such as lamb, chicken, beef, salmon, bison, etc are used.
Rather than using wheat and corn, holistic dog foods incorporate whole grains
such as oatmeal, barley and brown rice into their products.

Fresh fruits and
vegetables such as apples, blueberries, carrots, peas and tomatoes are common
staples as well. Natural preservatives, healthy enzymes, vitamins and minerals
are also added instead of anything artificial or synthetic. To see a list of our
favorite holistic dog foods for Pomeranians,
visit our best dog foods page.

We encourage everyone who isn’t yet using a holistic dog food as the primary
source of their Pomeranian diet, to compare the ingredients label found on their
current dog food brand to that found on a holistic dog food label.

Raw meat is also another great alternative this can be bought at your local pet food store or at any butcher in your area. Just make sure they have tiny blocks for your little ones. Pet food stores have them in the fridge in rolls easily sliced into the amount you need.

If you are unsure about RAW DOG FOOD there is a very good book on this that will put your mind at ease.The
differences are quite substantial and may even shock you.

We hope you have enjoyed our Pomeranian diet page.

Now it’s your turn – what’s your take…

Tell us your thoughts, opinions, recommendations and experiences with your Pomeranian’s diet. Share it!

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