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Are you the proud owner of a Pomeranian mix? If so, please share your photos and
stories below. For those of you that are currently contemplating the idea of
adding a new edition to your family, feel free to read all the submissions below and
decide which combination is best suited for your lifestyle and needs.

Hybrid dogs are a mix of two pure breed parents. Both parents must be registered to make their offspring a designer dog. If the offspring of these two parents is bred their offspring would not be considered a hybrid dog.

For instance if your dog is a half Pomeranian half Poodle and it was bred back to a Pomeranian it would simply be a 3/4 Pom and 1/4 Poodle. This is not a dog that would be recognized by a Hybrid Club.

These breeds have
become very popular throughout the United States and the whole entire world for that
matter. By theory, designer dogs provide owners with the best qualities and
traits of 2 distinct and separate breeds.There is never a guarantee that you will get the best of both breeds only the potential to.

The American Canine Hybrid Club currently recognizes 31 Pom mixes.

We have listed the most common and sought after of the mixed breeds below.
Please click on their respective links for more information.


Shih Tzu





Teacup Pomeranian?

Tell Us About Your Pomeranian Mix

What kind of Pomeranian mix do you own? Do you have a great story about your Pomeranian mix? Share it with the community! Don’t forget to include some cute and adorable photos.

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our baby Leila 
This is our little Maltipom. She’s only 5 weeks old but caught our hearts. We love her.

Harley….Our Little Love  
In February of 2011, I had a cat who passed away after 16 years. It broke my heart to say good-bye. A few days later, my husband surprised me for Valentine’s …

5.5 pounds of unconditional love… 
Growing up an iron workers son, I was influenced by a lot of big burly macho guy’s. Small and toy sized dogs were not their forte’. My family in particular, …

Pomeranian Dachshund mix breed – REX 
I own a Pomeranian Dachshund mix breed and he is very cute. His name is Rex and he is very much a hyper dog. Rex is now 9 months old. He learns things …

Our Pomachon Beau 
Beau is the latest addition to our family. He is a 9 month old Pomeranian Bichon. He looks mostly like a Bichon Frise but he acts like a Pomeranian. Beau …

My Pomeranian Chihuahua Emily 
Emily is a 2 year old PomChi. She absolutely loves every one including children and other dogs and cats. She is a little stubborn when it comes to training …

Uno  Not rated yet
One year old.

Pekapom Not rated yet
This is Louis Vuitton. He is a Pekapom, and his parents are also both Pekapoms. He is super smart and crate trained the first day he was put in a crate. …

Bischon-a-ranian Not rated yet
We got our first Bischon-a-ranian male pup in April 2014, we were pleasantly surprised how wonderful he is. He was a pleasure to train picked up all the …

Mishka The Teddy Bear Not rated yet
So, my wife and I had gone to the movies but by the time we got to the ticket booth it was sold out. We decided that we should go shopping and chose to …

Barney Not rated yet
Barney, my 27-month old hybrid, a little bundle of joy… Not a clingy personality but surprises with spontaneous shows of affection. My daily wake up …

Snowy Not rated yet
We adopted Snowy when he was about 6 weeks old. Fell in love with him right away. It took a long time to potty train him. He has long hair like a Pomeranian …

My princess kairie Not rated yet
She is 11 months, we all love her!

My Angel Not rated yet
My husband and I had not been able to conceive after 8 years of marriage and we were both frustrated. I prayed and prayed for a little baby to hold and …

Pom Terrier Not rated yet
I have a Pomeranian/Toy Fox Terrier he is a lovely wee dog unfortunately I am the third owner for this dog therefore he suffers from separation anxiety …

My Christmas Pomachon Not rated yet
I try to make it to pet stores and shelters as often as I can to play with the puppies because I feel bad about the lack of human interaction they get. …

My 5 year old Pomachon Not rated yet
5 years ago I went to a pet store to look for a puppy. I fell in love with this adorable black ball of fluff. I knew it was meant to be when I saw that …

Cocotte my beloved shih-pom – shiranian  Not rated yet
My cousin, her husband and I currently live together as roommate’s. And one day one of my cousin’s friends comes to the door, and asks if my cousin would …

Brandy my Poshie! Not rated yet
Brandy is my shy and skittish Poshie (Pomeranian Sheltie mix)! She`s a rescue Dog from Kuwait!

George the Shih pom Not rated yet
We adopted George from our County humane society when he was just 4 months old. We could tell he had been abused because he was so skiddish, even with …

Sally, My beautiful Peek A Pom Not rated yet
Sally is a mix of the Pomeranian and the Pekingese. She is 3 years old. I got her as a Christmas present and it was the best present I’ve gotten in a …

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