Pomeranian Grooming And Haircuts

Regular Pomeranian grooming is essential, not only for beauty and charm, but
also to ensure that the dog remains in good health. Grooming can also help you
form a deeper emotional bond with your Pom and they will definitely enjoy the
one on one time with you. If you don’t particularly like grooming, not to worry
as the Pomeranian requires very little grooming as opposed to other long haired
breeds. And by this, we are talking about no full body haircuts.

Pomeranian’s coats go through changes over the years and a Pom will shed
occasionally. Their coats often change in color as well as texture so please
keep this in mind. You shouldn’t worry too much about purchasing expensive
shampoos and conditioners to help your dog have a shiny coat but instead, ensure
that they are fed a healthy diet
which in and of itself, will provide that luxurious look and feel. We will now
look at a few essential Pomeranian grooming guidelines that will help you keep
your vivacious Pom looking his or her best.

The Pomeranian Coat

As we mentioned previously, all that is needed for your Pomeranian’s coat to
look healthy is a good diet that is rich in the nutrients they require. However,
this does not protect against ticks, fleas and other parasites which can
adversely affect your Pomeranian’s coat. It is advisable that you ensure your
pet’s surroundings are always clean and that they get the proper medications to
help keep those crummy parasites at bay. These pests can severely degrade the
quality of the coat especially when they cause your Pom to scratch and bite.

Once your Pomeranian starts malting and shedding hair, it is crucial that you
thoroughly brush their coats regularly to remove the old hair. If not, then your
dog will have a very poor coat quality which could possibly only be resolved by
clipping. Clipping large areas should always be avoided if at all possible. So,
to avoid this, be sure to keep a close eye on your Pomeranian!

Pomeranian Grooming –
It’s Not Just About The

Pomeranian Grooming

Taking good care of your Pomeranian does not just involve regular baths and
coat brushing. You will also need to take care of their eyes, teeth, nails, tail
and feet. We will now look at a few methods of doing so.

The Eyes – All The Better To See You With!

One common trait among toy sized dogs is that they tend to have a lot of
discharge from their eyes. This can cause quite a mess and will cause staining
under their eyes if left unattended. This discharge also poses a health risk
since it can cause an eye infection due to bacteria. However, this can be easily
remedied by regularly cleaning around the eye with a Q tip. When using a Q-tip,
you should exercise extreme caution and gently restrain your Pom in case he or
she makes sudden movements.

The Teeth – Who Says Only Humans Want Pearly Whites?

Taking care of your pet’s nails and teeth are an essential part of Pomeranian
grooming. No one likes a person with bad breath, so why should your Pom suffer
the same fate? Make sure to purchase dog toothpaste and clean your Pom’s teeth
regularly. They usually come in poultry based flavors that your pet is sure to

On another note, this breed is particularly prone to developing dental
problems. Unfortunately, tooth loss as well as decay is quite common and it is
essential that you take the appropriate steps to avoid this in your Pomeranian.
This means that you should always check your dog’s teeth and take them in for
regular checkups by your trusted veterinarian.

Pedicures –Yes Please!

Lastly, if you want to avoid getting scratched by your Pom or having them
scratch their eyes out, be sure to regularly clip or shave down their nails.
Generally, you should trim their nails about once per month. Some dog owners get
a little queezy when it comes to trimming nails so you might want to consider
getting a professional to help you do so. Reason being, your Pomeranian’s nails
have a vein running through them which will cause horrible pain and a loud cry
if cut.

Wrapping Up

Pomeranian grooming is one factor of owning a Pom that you must consider
before even purchasing this animal. These dogs are beautiful creatures, but they
do require some upkeep. If you are ready to devote a few hours a week to
grooming your Pom, then your Pomeranian will forever be grateful. Plus, it’s a
small price to pay for having the honor of being a Pomeranian owner!

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