Pomeranian Health – Problems, Medical Concerns, Issues

Pomeranian Health
Health Problems, Medical Concerns, Issues

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In this article we will be discussing Pomeranian health and various medical issues that Pomeranian dogs are particularly susceptible to. This breed of dog is actually one of the healthiest and most liveliest amongst all dogs and they generally live to a lengthy age of 12 – 16 years. However, even though this is such a hardy breed, all Pomeranians are capable of contracting disease or suffering from illnesses every now and then. This is a simple fact of life which should always be considered. One upgrade to your house I would also recommend getting is an air purifier for pets, which will help both you and your pet to live in a contaminant-free environment.

We have compiled a list of some of the most common diseases and medical problems known to the Pomeranian. Don’t let this information scare you! It doesn’t mean that your pet will develop these issues and many Pomeranian dogs live healthy long lives completely disease free. Knowledge is power and by educating yourself, you may be able to identify the initial symptoms and reverse health issues before they pose a serious threat.

Collapsed Trachea – A Very
Common Problem With The Breed

The trachea, commonly known as the wind pipe is vital for any living creature
to breathe and survive. Tracheal collapse occurs when the trachea loses its
strength and actually caves in making it very difficult to breathe. As you can
imagine, this can easily lead to death, so it is essential to prevent this from
happening to your Pom.

Even though Pomeranian’s may have proven themselves to be
a very resilient dog, their necks are actually quite fragile. Therefore, much
care should be taken with this region and it is best to refrain from using
collars on them, but instead a harness is recommended. Also, tracheal collapse
has a higher degree of occurring in Pomeranian’s that are overweight, so make
sure your dog gets enough exercise!

Patellar Luxation – Knee Joint
Problems Also Common To This Dog

The next Pomeranian health problem that we’ll discuss is patellar luxation.
If you notice that your Pomeranian is having trouble walking, particularly with
the rear legs, then this may be a looming medical issue. In the beginning, the
symptoms described above would occur occasionally, so be sure to contact your
veterinarian at any sign of this.

Patellar luxation can be caused by either an
injury or malformation at birth. In either case, the problem stems from the
tendons being unable to maintain their position (i.e. float) between the knee
cap and knee joint. This problem can also occur in the dog’s shoulders and is
known as shoulder luxation.

Hypothyroidism – Affects
Pomeranian Health By Slowing Down Metabolism

Hypothyroidism is caused when the body does not produce sufficient amounts of
thyroid hormones which affect the metabolism. There are many reasons why this
may occur, some of which include a lack of exercise, immune system problems and
even specific medications. Some of the symptoms you may notice are a general
lack of energy, increase in weight, hair loss, dry skin and mental slowness to
name a few.

Pituitary Dwarfism – Affects
Growth And Overall Condition Of The Dog

Pituitary dwarfism is caused when the dog’s pituitary gland does not produce
enough growth hormones. This can cause your Pomeranian to not grow to its proper
adult size and even retain its puppy coat. In the event that it does shed the
puppy coat, the adult coat would be much thinner and shorter.

Also, most of the
features of the dog would not grow to their proper size and unfortunately, the
dog’s lifespan would be drastically reduced. There are many treatments that are
currently being developed, but they have had little success. One of the more
successful treatments involves the use of human growth hormone but this will get
very expensive, very quickly.

Pomeranian Eye Health Problems
– Distichiasis And Cataracts


If you notice your Pom pawing at his eye or squinting, then you may have an
eyelash issue. This common problem occurs when the eyelashes grow too long and
they end up poking the poor animal in the eye. The offending eyelashes are
usually removed using electrolysis and if the eye duct is damaged, surgery may
have to be undertaken. The procedure is relatively easy and Pomeranians
typically recover in no time at all.


Cataracts are a very common condition which can occur in Pomeranians at any
age or time. The main symptoms include cloudy eyes, swelling around the eyes,
eye redness and you may also notice your dog unable to accurately judge
distances or bump into objects. This can lead to blindness so it is essential
that you seek treatment or surgery from a qualified and trusted veterinarian as
soon as possible.

Skin problems coat problems

Skin and coat problems are always a worry to pet owners as well as irritating to your pet. I found a lady who went throught trials and triumphs with her little Pom. She has written this marvelous book for everybody to learn from her journey. I highly recommend it for any dog owner.


As you can see, there are numerous Pomeranian health issues that can occur
and there are many more than those listed on this page. However, this does not
mean that your dog will develop any of these problems and the best treatment is
always prevention and early detection.

Owning a Pomeranian or any pet for that
matter is a huge responsibility, so be sure to pay attention to your Pom and
always have a trusted Veterinarian that you can depend on.

If you would like
to discuss a particular Pomeranian health issue that you are currently dealing
with, please use the submission form below.

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Could you please tell us a bit more about him so somebody could help you?

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