Pomeranian Shih Tzu – Pom-Tzu – Shiranian – ShihPom

Pomeranian Shih Tzu

Pom-Tzu, Shiranian, ShihPom

One of the most popular designer Pom breed mixes is the Pomeranian Shih Tzu.
Other common names for this mix are the Pom-Tzu, ShihPom or Shiranian.

The Pomeranian Shih Tzu is a mix of the Pomeranian and the Shih Tzu. The
Designer Dogs Kennel Club as well as The American Canine Hybrid Club recognize
this hypoallergenic mixed breed.

The ShihPom is a very devoted and tenderhearted designer dog mix. They are
very smart and highly energetic. The Pomeranian Shih Tzu needs lots of human
companionship and enjoys daily walks. They easily adapt to homes with other pets
and older children. Families with young children need to use caution with
bringing the Shiranian into their home. The Pom Tzu’s life expectancy is 15
years or more on average.

The Pom-Tzu’s height is between 7-12 inches and weighs around 4-16 pounds.
They come in many colors such as gold, red, orange, black, sable, chocolate or
brindle. The ShihPom coat color can be any of these color combinations or only
just one.

The Shiranian has a long straight or curly double coat. The hypoallergenic
Pomeranian Shih Tzu requires daily brushing, thus they are perfect for people
suffering from allergies.

If you are the proud owner of one of these cute Pomeranian Shih Tzu designer
dogs, please visit the Pomeranian Mix
to share your story and photos with our Pom community and the world.

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